Gallbladder Surgery: Cholecystectomy


Experience prompt relief from gallbladder pain and return to your daily activities quickly with a minimally invasive laparoscopic gallbladder removal procedure.

Did you know? Gallbladder surgery is the most common elective surgery in the United States.

Understanding Gallbladder Surgery

Gallbladder surgery, also known as a cholecystectomy, involves a surgical procedure to remove the gallbladder. This small, pear-shaped organ, situated in the upper right abdominal quadrant, stores bile, a fluid that aids in the body’s digestion of fats.

Gallbladder removal surgery is typically recommended when gallstones form within the gallbladder, resulting in pain, inflammation, and various other complications. Gallstones can also obstruct the bile ducts, potentially leading to jaundice and other severe health problems.

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Types of Gallbladder Surgery

There are two main types of gallbladder surgery: laparoscopic/robotic cholecystectomy and open cholecystectomy.

  • Laparoscopic/robotic Cholecystectomy – This technique is the most common for simple cholecystectomy. It is a minimally invasive procedure that involves making several small incisions in the abdomen and inserting a laparoscope, a thin tube with a camera, to see inside the abdomen. The surgeon then uses special tools to remove the gallbladder through the incisions.
  • Open Cholecystectomy – Open cholecystectomy is a more traditional type of gallbladder surgery. It involves making a single, larger incision in the abdomen and removing the gallbladder through the incision.

Symptoms of Gallbladder Problems

Gallbladder problems can cause a variety of symptoms, including:

  • Sharp pain in the upper center or right abdomen. This is the most common symptom of gallbladder problems. The pain may be sudden and intense, or it may come and go over a few hours. It may be worse after eating fatty foods.
  • Low fever. A low fever is a common symptom of gallbladder inflammation.
  • Nausea and feeling bloated. Nausea and feeling bloated are also common symptoms of gallbladder problems. These symptoms may be worse after eating.

Gallbladder “Cholecystectomy” Surgery

Dr. S. Sameer Mohiuddin is a highly skilled and experienced surgeon specializing in minimally invasive gallbladder surgery. He is renowned for his expertise in laparoscopic/robotic cholecystectomy, a minimally invasive technique that involves making several small incisions in the abdomen and using a robot, and a laparoscope, a thin tube with a camera attached, to visualize and remove the gallbladder.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Dr. S. Sameer Mohiuddin is an experienced surgeon who specializes in minimally invasive surgery. He has a special interest in gallbladder surgery and has performed thousands of minimally invasive gallbladder surgeries. He is committed to providing his patients with the best possible care and uses the latest techniques to ensure that his patients have a safe and successful surgery.

Benefits of Gallbladder Surgery

Gallbladder Surgery can provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Relief from Discomfort: One of the primary benefits of the surgery is the alleviation of persistent pain and discomfort associated with gallstones or other gallbladder-related issues. By removing the source of the problem, individuals can experience significant relief and an improvement in their overall quality of life.
  • Minimally Invasive Techniques: The advent of laparoscopic and robotic surgery has revolutionized gallbladder procedures. The use of small incisions not only accelerates recovery but also minimizes scarring, making it an appealing option for many patients concerned about aesthetics.
  • Preventing Recurrence: The surgery provides a long-term solution to gallstone-related discomfort by eliminating the possibility of recurrence. This preventive aspect is crucial in avoiding future complications and ensuring sustained well-being.

Dr. S. Sameer Mohiuddin is committed to providing his patients with the highest quality of care. He uses the latest techniques and technology to perform minimally invasive gallbladder surgery, and he has a proven track record of success.

Surgical Excellence & Compassionate Care
in Central & South Austin, Kyle/Buda, and San Marcos

Surgical Excellence & Compassionate Care
in Central & South Austin, Kyle/Buda, and San Marcos

Dr. Mohiuddin’s expertise, compassion, and dedication have touched the lives of countless individuals, leaving an indelible mark on the healthcare community.

Take the First Step in Returning to Wellness

Take the First Step in Returning to Wellness

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